Kilkenny mothers To Experience Ireland’s first Swimilates Classes

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Kilkenny mothers To Experience Ireland’s first Swimilates Classes

Paula's Swim School

Kilkenny is soon to get Ireland’s first Swimilates classes - Swimilates combines post-pilates in the water for Mum with a baby swim class.

It allows mothers to catch up with their postnatal self care with  progressive pelvic floor activation and rehabilitation exercises in the supportive environment of the water while baby also learns from the experience of weightlessness and increased mobility in the water. And it’s a great bonding session for Mums and babies too.

Swimilates is being brought to Kilkenny by Paula Dowling-Hosey, owner of Paula’s Swim School, who already provides adults and children swimming classes in Kilkenny. She is uniquely qualified as both a swimming teacher (Swim Ireland & STA - Swimming Teachers Association) in injury rehabilitation (BSc.) and as a pilates instructor (APPI). Paula, who had a baby in March of this year, is more acutely aware than ever of the commitment it takes to heal well after birth and the need for classes in Kilkenny that help support women at every stage on that journey. Classes will take place in the Springhill Court Hotel.

“Instead of leaving baby at home or being present as a passive participant, I have married my skills to provide revolutionary classes that cater for both baby and Mum”, commented Paula. “You don’t have to have a newborn baby to benefit from Swimilates. Some women still experience the side effects of giving birth years after baby is born – just because this is common does not mean it’s “normal” and you do not have to just accept it. I provide classes for babies, toddlers and and pre-schoolers and all follow the STA award system.”

In water, we are 10% of our weight on land making the exercises low impact - perfect for Mums experiencing little leaks (stress incontinence), separated abs (diastasis recti) and other symptoms of pelvic floor trauma. Exercises are performed in an upright position, which is where we spend most of our time, making them easy to incorporate into daily living activities. Participants must be cleared by a GP or Public Health Nurse to return to the water.

Research shows that babies that begin swimming early show long term health benefits in the form of better balance, catching and grasping skills. Babies that start swimming early are up to 15 months ahead of their peers in math, counting and language by the time they start school. The swimming pool is a place free of distractions where mothers can focus exclusively on their baby, enjoying precious bonding moments with lots of skin-on-skin contact, cuddling and splashing.

For more information call 087 942 1325  or email or find online on FaceBook & Instagram: @paulasswimschool and Twitter: @swim_paula