Greyhound Board issues warning as two dogs reported stolen in Kilkenny

Two greyhounds missing from their kennels since late Sunday night and early Monday morning

Kilkenny People


Kilkenny People


The Irish Greyhound Board is warning greyhound owners to be vigilant after two dogs were reported stolen in Kilkenny.

The dogs, who went missing from their kennels between late Sunday night and early Monday morning, are both 13 months old. One of the greyhounds is a brindle dog and the other is a blue and fawn dog. Their ear markings are RX RXB and RX PJY.

“It is important for greyhound owners to ensure they have secured any property where their greyhounds are kept," said Racing Operations Manager with the IGB, Barry Coleman.

"Regular checks on the property are vital together with using appropriate gate/door locks and alarm systems where possible. Thieves are deterred by good security measures. It is important for owners to report any suspicious activity around their own property or that of another greyhound owner to the Gardai immediately."

In September, the IGB warned owners after at least seven dogs were reported stolen in the South-East.

“Greyhound welfare and keeping greyhounds safe and well is a top priority for the IGB as part of continued regulation of the industry. The IGB’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 cites welfare as a key priority for Bord na gCon. The IGB is concerned that stolen greyhounds may be held in an environment that is detrimental to their welfare," said Mr Coleman.

The Irish Greyhound Board is liaising with local animal rescue organisations on this matter.