Gold for Community Radio Kilkenny City

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Gold for Community Radio Kilkenny City

The award winning sports team at Community Radio Kilkenny City

An air of special and tasty celebration engaged the Board Room of Community Radio Kilkenny City last week as manager Declan Gibbons, presented the sports team Family with framed Sports Broadcasting achievement Awards certificates.

Community Radio Kilkenny City had just passed its first year milestone, having acquired a ten-year permanent license and was awarded a gold medal by CROAL for their contribution to the sporting lives of a fast-growing listenership in a sports-mad Kilkenny city and environs.

The award ceremony took place in Athlone a few weeks ago, where Declan Gibbons and Head of Sport, Pat Treacy were present.

Craol is the Community Radio Forum of Ireland, partially funded by the BAI and other National Organisations like the Community Foundation of Ireland.  It is a totally independent Radio Co-Operative which is an umbrella body for the 21 full-time community radios around the country plus at least 15 developing community radios in the process of expansion and further development.

Craol is involved with the development and nurturing of the community radio concept. The achievement awards are a highlight every year at the annual Féile in recognition of standards achieved.

The popularity graph of the Community Radio Kilkenny City Sports personnel has been on an ascendancy curve for quite some time. Their coverage of all things Kilkenny Sport has met with unbridled pleasure and burgeoning acclaim.

To achieve what the Radio team has done even in a short 12 months is extraordinary. On the GAA front alone, coverage of practically all games with the finest concentration and expertise. On busy GAA weekends through the season, it was not unusual to have up to the minute reports on anything up to 18 games. It took a huge commitment by a very dedicated, voluntary (every one of them) group of people to bring the news to their own people in their own city and environs.

There is a collective bond of enthusiasm between all the team. Presenters like Don Devlin, Tom Phelan, Liam Kelly O’Rourke, Paul Brophy, and Jamie Malone add a style of their own volition, which further enhances the effort of the Sports team.

Manager, Declan Gibbons was more than ebullient with the win: “We were thrilled to win the gold medal for our submission, which I felt from the outset was merited. The sports team ethos is: Of the people and by the people. They are all volunteers, and I am never surprised at its popularity among our own Kilkenny people," he said.

"They keep turning up, and its content, sometimes controversial, is at all times engaging and entertaining. This award is an endorsement of the radio station and its people, and of the commitment of everybody involved here in Community Radio Kilkenny City.

"The sporting content of CRKC sport is not the sole domain of the GAA. The compatibility of sport with the Kilkenny DNA is a given. It needs no explanation. It is a stand-alone affliction, if you get the drift. It would be a difficult ask to find a Kilkenny person bereft of interest in sport. Every element of sport that has an outlet in Kilkenny is accommodated on the airwaves of Community Radio Kilkenny City and environs. From Soccer, to Rugby; from Handball to Basketball; from Ice Hockey/Roller Hockey to field Hockey, they all have their own time in the sun on the Community Radio sports platform. You can be assured that you will hear news of your sport, whether it is lawn tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Boxing of course, Rally Driving, Darts, Biking, and on one particular evening you might have heard news about the Afghan National Shin-Kicking Championships.

"Ber Scott and Seamus Brophy have lulled listeners into thinking that their words of wisdom will reap untold wealth for the listener, when they indulge in their favourite sporting topics of Greyhound and Horse racing – two sports near and dear to Kilkenny sports fans," Declan gibbons said.