Kilkenny gardaí lend a helping hand to stranded American visitor

Dallas lady had a badly injured foot and missed her bus back to Dublin

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Kilkenny People



All smiles again: Garda Joyce and Hogan with their new American friend, having arrived in Dublin after an eventful day

Two local gardaí had to go a little bit out of their way yesterday to come to the rescue of a stranded American visitor.

Garda Joyce and Garda Stephen Hogan, who are part of Kilkenny's Community Engagement team, were out on the beat when they happened across a lady visiting Ireland from Dallas, Texas. It seems the American tourist was on a day trip to Kilkenny from Dublin, but she had badly hurt her foot and was in need of assistance.

In a post on social media, Garda Siochana Kilkenny/Carlow revealed that the pair brought her to St Luke's Hospital where she received treatment. They called back in on her later to see how she was doing, but by the time she was fit to be discharged, she had missed her bus back to Dublin. So, the helpful duo decided to bring them back to the capital themselves.

"Get well soon Jennifer and enjoy the rest of your trip to Ireland," said the Garda Síochána Kilkenny/Carlow Facebook page.