Labour's Andrea Cleere seeking seat in Kilkenny City

Trade Union official seeks to secure Labour a seat in city

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Labour's Andrea Cleere

Local woman Andrea Cleere is the Labour Party candidate contesting the local elections in the new Kilkenny City Electoral Area.

Born and reared in Kilkenny, Ms Cleere is a trade union official and a mother of three children. Among her priorities, she says, are decent and affordable housing, local and sustainable jobs, and a living wage rate of pay.

“As a trade union official who represents workers in both the public and private sector I experience first-hand the pressure that austerity and privatisation has placed on all workers and the impact that these stresses have on their daily lives,” said Ms Cleere.

“Being a full-time working mother with three children, I understand the endless burden on families to meet the financial demands and strains that face all of us every day. The unfair struggle for housing and waiting lists for services are preventing families from growing in a secure and stable environment.

“As someone who was born and raised in Kilkenny I take great pride in the opportunity to represent and be a strong voice for local people and listen to their views and contributions about how we can continue to develop our community.”

The Labour Party candidate also says the environment and climate change action is a top priority for her.

“The climate emergency is now. We need to reduce our collective greenhouse gas emissions from 60 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent to net zero in just 30 years,” she said.

“I understand how local government can provide leadership, by promoting action on the environment and supporting communities and businesses to become sustainable.”