North Kilkenny has a new councillor after result of fourth count

First elimination here at Cillin Hill, with Sinn Fein candidate out of the running

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



New councillor Michael Delaney is held aloft after his election on count 4

North Kilkenny has a new councillor this afternoon, with the election of Michael Delaney from Tullaroan. He retains the Fianna Fail seat in the area held by Pat Millea for many years.

After count 4, Michael McCarthy's surplus votes of 144 have been distributed.

Michael Delaney: (104) 1520.

Denis Hynes: (11) 1201.

Joseph Kavanagh (13) 590.

Patrick O' Neill Snr (16). 980.

As the votes of Michael Delaney exceed the quota, he has been elected. Michael Delaney's surplus of 73, John brennan's 46 cannot materially affect the count. Anne Marie Walsh has therefore excluded the lowest-returning candidate and is distributing his vote.)