Coup for Coogan as Nowlan Park, Kilkenny wins best pitch award again

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


John Coogan on the hallowed turf at Nowlan Park, Kilkenny

John Coogan, has for the second year running, guided the team at Nowlan Park, Kilkenny to back-to-back All Ireland victory.

The grounds has retained its crown as the best GAA inter-county pitch in the country following the announcement of the National Pitch Awards for 2019. 

Coogan, a big Bruce Springsteen fan has done incredible work since taking over as The Boss of the pitch.

Adjudication for the awards was carried out by Dr Stephen Barker of the Sports Research Institute and Stuart Wilson, Pitch Manager at Croke Park and the NGDC in Abbotstown.

The process involved scoring and feedback from referees during the Allianz Leagues in spring and took into consideration a Pitch Quality Assessment based on performance standards, construction, management program, environmental conditions and usage levels. 

There then followed a site visit where tests were conducted including general quality/presentation, ground cover, annual meadow-grass control, broad-leafed weed content, pitch markings, condition of the high wear area including the goal area and the 13 m line, hardness, traction (stability), moisture content and the uniformity of these three parameters, maximum root length and the depth of the root mass.