Kilkenny teenager takes to the Dublin stage

Sarah has part in Irish Youth Theatre production

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


Sarah Kelly, Kilkenny Youth Theatre,  National Youth Theatre 2019 cast e: Mark Stedman

Sarah Kelly, Kilkenny Youth Theatre, National Youth Theatre 2019 cast e: Mark Stedman

A young, talented Kilkenny woman will step out on the stage of the Peacocke Theatre at the Abbey on Monday for a week long run of a new play.
Sarah Kelly from Stoneyford will play one of the major roles in Ask Too Much Of Me by playwright, Dylan Coburn Gray.
The show is presented by the National Youth Theatre.
“It has been an amazing experience and has changed my life in many ways - having the opportunity to meet and work with such creative and passionate people is both inspiring and unbelievably exciting,” Sarah sdaid.
I’m really looking forward to bringing our characters to life,” she added.
For the 2019 National Youth Theatre, Artistic Director Veronica Coburn and playwright Dylan Coburn Gray, themselves both former National Youth Theatre alumni who have gone onto successful theatre careers, have worked with an ensemble cast of sixteen young people from youth theatres across Ireland to create a new play around the idea of faith.
Sarah is a long time member of Kilkenny Youth Theatre and has been involved in the organisation for nearly ten years.
She most recently played Ann Deever in Cult Theatre’s production of All My Sons in the Kilkenny Arts Fringe Festival.
In her spare time she loves painting, writing, photography and playing guitar.
Ask Too Much of Me follows young people living together outside the law in the turbulent first half of2018.
They have a lot of questions and few answers, meaning they live by faith even if they don’t live by God.
The talent young ensemble cast come from all over Ireland. As well as Kilkenny there are also cast members from Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Longford, Mayo, Monaghan, Wexford and Wicklow.
First produced in 1983, the National Youth Theatre is Youth Theatre Ireland’s opportunity to showcase all that is great about youth theatre with a cast of young people from youth theatres across Ireland, working with professional creative teams.
Youth Theatre Ireland delivers an annual national youth drama programme for young people; provides training for youth theatre directors and leaders; commissions new writing, publications and resources.