BEWARE - Scam calls with one made to a Kilkenny garda station

Automated message that a €600 fraudulent transaction on your visa card and to dial 1 if this is correct

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


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Beware of phone scams - could cost you thousands of euro

Gardai in Kilkenny and Carlow have received reports of several scam calls. One was made to Thomastown Garda Station from an unknown number.

Details of Calls:

• Automated message stating a €600 fraudulent transaction has occurred on your visa card and to dial 1 if this is correct.

• When Number one is dialled a person answers with a foreign accent purporting to be working for a third party Visa Technical support company. Scammer starts off enquiring about an Internet Server Breach.

• Calls are being made to landlines. Do not engage. Hang up. Never discuss or divulge financial information on the phone or internet.