Clúid Housing finishes 2019 after adding 16 homes in Kilkenny

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


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The year of 2019 was another busy one for Clúid Housing, Ireland’s leading approved housing body (AHB). Across the country, Clúid delivered over 700 homes, including 16 in Kilkenny.

Those homes in Kilkenny saw 16 new houses built at Friary Walk, Callan, which is also home to Clúid’s 7,000th home.

New Business Director at Clúid Housing, Fiona Cormican, said that 2019 represented another strong year for Clúid, as the organisation passed the milestone of 7,000 homes owned or managed. “At Clúid Housing we’re proud to be playing our part in meeting Ireland’s housing challenges by providing high-quality, long-term and affordable housing to people in all 26 counties.

“Our work in Kilkenny shows that this is a countrywide issue and we will continue to work with Kilkenny County Council to deliver the quantity and quality of housing which people need and deserve.”

 About Clúid Housing

Clúid Housing is an independent, not-for-profit charity, and is the largest approved housing body (AHB) or housing association in Ireland. Established in 1994, Clúid leads the way in providing high quality, affordable rented homes to people in housing need. We work in partnership with local authorities to provide housing to those on social housing waiting lists. Our team of over 200 highly qualified professional staff are committed to providing quality housing and services that enable people to create homes and thriving communities.