Mayor of Kilkenny appeals for calm amid panic buying

Cllr Martin Brett urges people to be reasonable and desist from stockpile mentality

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



People queue to purchase goods at one of Kilkenny's large supermarkets

The Mayor of Kilkenny Martin Brett has appealed to the public to calm down and be conscious of the most vulnerable in society as the effects of the coronavirus (Covid-19) hit home.

Mayor Brett said we were in 'unprecedented times', and urged people not to stockpile in case it would disproportionately affect others. He said people should listen to health professionals and be conscious of vulnerable individuals.

"We are in unprecedented times can I appeal to everyone to calm down ,the shops are not closing down ,stockpiling is not the answer others have to go without because of actions of a few ,please be conscious of the vulnerable in our society look out for each other, this will pass take heed of the instructions that come from the health professionals and stay safe," said the Mayor.