Kilkenny consultant says we must be 'draconian' in respect of social distancing to avoid catching virus

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


St Luke's Hospital

Consultant cardiologist who works at St Luke's Hospital in Kilkenny

A leading consultant and publican has said the public have to be 'draconian in respect of social distancing and avoid catching the virus'.

Doctor Michael Conway is a cardiologist at St Luke's Hospital and also runs The Hole in the Wall, an iconic pub in Kilkenny City.

"The danger is CTC - the cytotoxic cascade (cytokine storm) that rips into the lungs and heart. The virus is able to trigger such in some. They are the ones needing ventilation. And if they are older they are being condemned because they don't recover even if ventaliated according to the Italian experience to date."

Cyto Toxic Cascade describes the lethal process that Covid 19 is causing and distils deadliness into perspective. It refers to an auto immune-type reaction where tissue in the lungs and hearts get destroyed by a person's own immune system. 

Even when they are immuno compromised.

Arlene Foster cannot have made her decision to delay preventive school closures knowing about this. Nor the guy running Cheltenham. Nor the Spanish professor arguing that we know far more about Covid 19 than we ever knew about HIV etc at this stage.

The publicans are closing shop. Too late.

The virus was spreading like wildfire last night. In sweaty confined spaces.

And CTC was set in motion to surface in about 2 weeks time for some unfortunates.

People continue to blame the wet market. And carnivores. And see it as a reflection of capitalism. And yet it occurred in a communist country for starters. In a market that has operated for generations.

Scientists know that the mutation occurred around November.

The Chinese had opened a lab designed for studies on the most lethal pathogens in Wuhan last June.

Read between the lines. The Taiwanese copped it thanks to their sources and went into aggressive battle mode immediately. And have only 33 active cases when it should be 1000s.

In the west the response has been inadequate.

The horror of CTC is about to come to a family near you very soon. Prepare for the tears.

We will use an old anti-malarial called Chloroquine. And anti-virals. We’ll stop Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System blocking agents. We’ll try anything that might quell the CTC. It will be finger in the dyke stuff, though.

Everyone in the pubs last night should have known about CTC. They didn’t.

Those making decisions and educating the populace (and advising the talking heads) have let us down. Those who had twigged it in China and elsewhere have let us down.

As of today there are people around who have less than a month to live.

Probably because some enthusiast was trying to get a seminal publication and extol the virtue of one country?

Think about it. And keep your fingers crossed that you don’t suffer a CTC. And pray that you become immune promptly to Covid 19."