Gardaí in Kilkenny issue warning over scam

Always be sceptical of any unsolicited calls, texts or emails

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Kilkenny People


Warning issued

Gardaí are warning the public in Kilkenny about a scam

Gardaí in Carlow-Kilkenny are warning the public about a text message scam targeting people by purporting to be from Revenue.

Despite the difficult times we are living in, people continue to receive text messages purporting to be from Revenue and alleging they are entitled to a refund.

"This is a scam - Revenue will not contact you via email or text. Delete the text and don't follow the link," warn gardaí.

"Always be sceptical of any unsolicited calls, texts or emails. If you really think it's Revenue, your bank etc contact them yourself."

It follows an earlier warning from Kilkenny's Joint Policing Committee chairman Pat Fitzpatrick, who said communities should be on the lookout for those who may try to exploit the current uncertainty.

"We have to be careful because crime still goes on, and some people out there might see this as an opportunity," said Cllr Fitzpatick.

"So we have to be vigilant. I would appeal to all community groups, such as the Text Alert groups, to work closely with An Garda Siochana.

"Look out for your neighbours and check on each other, in particular, in the quiet parts of North Kilkenny and the rural parts. There are people on their own or separated from loved ones. Everyone needs to keep in contact, and make sure they know who and where they are giving and getting their information from."