St Luke’s, Kilkenny needs Personal Protective Equipment from you!

Plea made to public

Sean Keane


Sean Keane


St Luke's Hospital Kilkenny

St Luke's Hospital Kilkenny

Your local hospital needs more personal protective equipment PPE to combat the coronavirus.

The rallying call was made by St Luke's consultant, Rory McGovern yesterday evening on the Sue Nunn radio progamme, The Way It Is on KCLR 96FM.

The Cork native said that while things weren't urgent due to recent deliveries, more of it was always welcome during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"People might find in their factory or in their school or wherever they’re building that they do have PPE that is not being used, we always have a home for it because obviously we have to prepare for every eventuality”.

 “All you have to do is contact the general manager of St Luke's, Ann Slattery if you have a query or would like to help in any way," he said.