Kilkenny Rugby Club closes gates as people continue to flout restrictions

'Message isn't getting through' says RFC in social media post

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



A picture posted by Kilkenny RFC today

Kilkenny RFC has taken the decision to close its gates to the public after repeated breaches of the restrictions by members of the public.

The club is also now closed to members for the time being. In a post on social media, the club said the regrettable decision after people continued to use the grounds despite well-publicised advice.

"Despite previous requests, people are still not heeding the restrictions and are using club grounds for training, dog walking, kids play, walking groups, etc," says the post.

"Groups and individuals have been asked to refrain and others have been asked in person by club members to stop using the grounds. The message isn’t getting through.

"The KRFC is closed to the general public and unfortunately to our members. Our members and committee have authorisation to ask people to leave the grounds, we ask that these requests are respected."