New housing minister to be invited to Kilkenny housing meeting

SPC Chair Joe Malone says he has a number of questions he wants to ask

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Joe Malone

Cllr Joe Malone is inviting the new Minister for Housing for Kilkenny

The newly-appointed Minister for Housing Darragh O' Brien is to be invited to Kilkenny by the chair of Kilkenny Strategic Policy Committee for housing, Cllr Joe Malone.

Cllr Malone says he has a number of questions he wishes to put to the new minister, to see what the plans are for future housing provision in Kilkenny. He will be contacting him and hopes to meet him along with senior council housing staff.

"As chairman of the SPC I am looking for a meeting to see what we can do for social housing and affordable housing in Kilkenny," said Cllr Malone.

"I'm requesting that the minister comes to Kilkenny, to ask him a number of questions. I know we have several schemes under way, but we need more. We are in a serious way here - we want Capital funding. I want to know what he hopes to do for the city and the county over the next few years."

The next meeting of the Housing SPC is in July and after that in October, and it is the October meeting that Cllr Malone hopes the minister will be in a position to attend.