More outdoor seating on way for Kilkenny, as council and traders thanked for efforts

Business community and traders working together to get Kilkenny back on track

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Rose Inn Street, Kilkenny City, with a new one-way system in place

More outdoor seating is being considered for key areas around Kilkenny City as part of the wider suite of measures being put in place to help the city get back on its feet as restrictions ease.

The council is seeking to order the furniture, but city engineer Ian Gardner says that currently ‘the whole country is looking for seating’ and it may be some weeks before it is in place. Among the areas in line for seating are the Mayor's Walk at the Parade, around the Watergate Theatre, and - the largest area - Market Yard.

Cllr Martin Brett said the important message was that Kilkenny is open for business and people are welcome to come here. He congratulated Mr Gardner and his team for the many hours of work on the one-way system.

“What you have done has been extraordinary in making it work and smoothing out all the kinks,” he said.

Cllr Andrew McGuinness joined Cllr Brett in congratulating Mr Gardner, director of services Tim Butler, and the other council management and staff for their work. He said it was important as well to commend local businesses for their attitude and measures they had taken to protect public safety.

Council director of services Tim Butler said he wished to put on record a thanks to local businesses and the elected members for working with council management on all the different proposals and measures implemented in the city – from social distancing and the new traffic system, the extended Saturday farmers market, upcoming artists' display, new welcome ambassadors, seating proposals, the shop local campaign, and others.