WARNING: Common kitchen utensil withdrawn from market due to ‘chemical migration’

An alert with immediate effect was issued by the Food Safety Authority

Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny People reporter




The Food Safety Authority of Ireland issued an alert about chemical migration in a serving spoon

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has issued a product withdrawal in relation to a serving spoon.

The nylon serving spoon with an orange silicone rim is being withdrawn from sale in Ireland due to what the FSAI describe as ‘chemical migration above the EU legal limit.’

This product is being sold as ‘Fiskars Functional Form Spoon.’ 

The alert applies to 

According to the FSAI, Fiskars Group is withdrawing from sale a batch of its Fiskars Functional Form Spoon with product code 1027299 and batch code 191223, country of origin China. 

The implicated utensil may release chemicals (primary aromatic amines) into food. This product may have been purchased from Amazon.