Get your colours on! 'Kilkenny Day' to take place on October 11

An array of events and activities planned to celebrate the best of Kilkenny

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Kilkenny Day is to take place on October 11, and people are encouraged to wear the county colours

A celebration of Kilkenny's communities, heritage, environment, food - and all that is unique about the county - is set to take place on Sunday, October 11.

'Kilkenny Day' will consist of a packed programme of events across the city and county, showcasing the best the county has to offer and encourage people to discover new places and activities. Everyone will be encouraged to wear black and amber on the day to demonstrate pride in the county colours.

The initiative is being organised by Kilkenny County Council. At a council meeting on Wednesday, head of enterprise Fiona Deegan said a lot of work was going into the day, with a number of events in the offing.

There will be an array of events to get people out, wear the Kilkenny colours, and take pictures and selfies at various local landmarks. There will be Kilkenny animation workshops with Cartoon Saloon, who will be doing sketching tours.

Lots of top tourist attractions will be offering free admission on the day. Including Medieval Mile Museum, Kilkenny Castle, Rothe House and many more. In addition, guided walks running through some of the city’s best loved gardens and courtyards will take place.

Among the other events planned - all churches, chapels and places of worship will be asked to ring their bells at the same time. Many restaurants and eateries across the county will serve their favourite Kilkenny produce and add dishes to their menu that signify the culinary history of the county's best loved foods.

A booklet is being put together to go out to households and retailers to bring them up to speed on Kilkenny Day, while social media will also be used.

“We are delighted to be launching Kilkenny Day, this initiative is an extension of the many campaigns the county has in recent times to promote tourism and rediscover all that is wonderful about Kilkenny. It is also a celebration of everything that is positive and resilient about our county and pride in our people, communities and our surroundings," said Chief Executive at Kilkenny County Council, Colette Byrne.

"We look forward to individuals, families and communities getting out and embracing the day and joining us in the many exciting events. We are also urging the importance that people to adhere to social distancing and HSE guidelines on the day."