Plans for 23 houses and business park extension in North Kilkenny town

Application has been lodged with Kilkenny County Council

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



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A substantial planning application has been lodged with Kilkenny County Council for a mixed-use development in the north of the county.

It would involve the completion of the existing Togher Way residential development at Togher Way, Urlingford, to include for the provision of 23 new houses.

The proposals consist of three single-storey detached two-bed houses, ten two-storey semi-detached three-bed dwellings, three two-storey detached four-bed dwellings, seven two-storey and a half detached four-bed dwellings, open spaces and active recreational areas, playgrounds with associated fences and gates, carpark spaces, visitor carpark spaces.

It also includes a vision to extend the Urlingford Business Park on Main Street, with the development to consist of one. reception pavilion (51.8sqm), three two-storey office buildings with their own door office suites (266 sqm each), eight two-storey light industrial warehousing units (493.6 sqm each), 56 bicycle spaces and 150 car park spaces.

This would all also involve the provision of new roads and footpaths, public lighting, importation of fill material to facilitate adjustments to existing ground levels.

It would see new boundary walls, gates, new site boundary fences and walls, fascia signage, totem signage, two ESB substations, drainage, flood compensation area, six stormwater attenuation tanks with associated flow controls and separators, one stormwater pump station, one foul pumping station compound and proposed rising mains at Togher Road, Urlingford, Kilkenny towards Urlingford town centre system, landscaping and all associated site and other works.