Castlecomer's magnificent seven: School sending its most-ever projects to Young Scientist Exhibition

Twenty students with seven projects will be taking part in the BT Exhibition

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Kilkenny People



Students taking part in the exhibition. Absent from picture: Adam Byrnes

Castlecomer Community School is sending its most-ever students to the national finals of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in January.

In all, seven projects and 20 students made the grade and will feature in the prestigious annual event.

Among them: Muireann Ryan, Claire Walsh, Chloe Ryan will be looking at the effects of conventional farming on soil health, while another group will be asking if youths are suffering burnout from over-involvement in sport?
Reuben Colman, Michael Evison, Adam Byrnes are looking at the prevalence of Covid-19 in a range of areas of different socio-economic classes in Ireland and examining the correlation, if any, between Covid-19 and socio-economic status.

Another group will be examining the effects of using your phone directly before bed versus putting it away for a period before trying to sleep. Holly Shirley and Petrina Roche will be examining ‘herd mentality’ — looking at how susceptible people are to herd mentality based on their personality type.

Aoibhinn Ruane, Jayde Wilson, Robyn Morrissey are carrying out a study to establish the most effective ‘cool down’ protocol for horses post intensive exercise, using the parameters of heart rate and respiratory rate.
Finally, Taras Biletskyy, Eoghan McSweeney and Lewis Oates will be bringing their project ‘Do microwaves affect the level of nutrients in food?’, which looks at the effects of microwaving food on the food’s nutritional value.

For the first time in its history, this year’s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition will be delivered across a virtual platform from January 6-8.

The exhibition offers students the chance to take home one of the most coveted awards for participants, the perpetual trophy and a substantial prize fund of €7,500. In all, there are 200 prizes to be won for individuals, groups, and teachers.

The event is renowned for giving future innovators, leaders and change-makers a platform upon which to shine on a national and now an international level.