Rescue group gets together to claw back feral cat population

There once were feral cats of Kilkenny

There once were feral cats of Kilkenny

Each thought there was one cat too many...

This could be a new revised verse for the marble city, but a local group has got together to take action about the number of abandoned and feral cats in the locality.

A committee has been set up to establish the Kilkenny Cats Voice Rescue, and their aim now is to raise money and secure a suitable premises to run a cat rescue, according to Mayor David Fitzgerald, who is on the committee.

“There are literally hundreds if not thousands of abandoned and feral cats around the city,” he said.

He said it wasn’t clear how much money they need to raise at the moment, but that volunteers have already stepped forward and the group has received some handling equipment and also offers by vets to neuter the cats once they are collected.

“Everybody looks after the abandoned dogs but not the cats,” the mayor said.