Sad video emerges of youths taunting and throwing things at man on Kilkenny street

Video shows older man sitting down with his small cardboard sign

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews


Kieran Street, Kilkenny

A still taken from the video posted on social media this evening

Another sad and dispiriting video from the streets of Kilkenny City has emerged - this time, not of needless unkindness to an animal, but to a human being.

Only a minute and a half long, the video was taken on Kieran Street. It appears to show a grey-haired and bearded man, holding a small cardboard sign, sitting down under the arches out of the rain.

As the video begins, a group of four youths - at the very oldest, young teenagers - are standing over the man. An older youth or possibly an adult, wearing shorts, stands slightly apart from them, drinking from a can or bottle.

One of the youngsters initially appears to give something or throw something down beside the sitting man. As they walk away, one of them then flings an object back at him. They then begin to mock and gesture at him.

At one point in the video, the eldest of the group hands his drink to one of the younger children. He then throws it at the man.

It is not clear from the footage what happens, but after 40 seconds or so, the man gets up off the ground shouting and moaning, appearing to hold the side of his face/head. The youths then disperse.

The video was posted on social media yesterday evening and has had thousands of views already.