Acts of kindness after ugly incident in which man was tormented by youths in Kilkenny

Video caused considerable anger, and some people decided to help the man

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Kieran Street

Kindly locals last night brought food and blankets to a man who was harassed by a group of youths on Kieran Street, where he had been sitting with holding a cardboard sign earlier that day.

A video emerged of the youths taunting and throwing things at the man under shelter of the arches on the Kilkenny City street. The saddening footage was shared on Facebook yesterday evening, and has since been removed.

Quickly attracting hundreds of comments, the video provoked fierce condemnation from people. And while it made for upsetting viewing, some people turned their sentiments into action and rallied to help the man on the receiving end of the abuse.

The person who took the video immediately went and bought the man something to eat and drink. Others followed, later arriving with blankets and food.

This latest ugly incident on Kieran Street has prompted more calls for something to be done to address the ongoing problem of anti-social behaviour in the area.