Slight decline in number of non-Irish nationals living in Kilkenny

New Census 2016 data published today

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Census data released today

The number of non-Irish national living in Kilkenny has declined slightly in recent years, according to new data published today by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

In Census 2016, 8,219 people indicated that they were non-Irish nationals - down from 8,381 in 2011. They made up 8.4% of the county’s population, compared with 8.8% five years previously. Non-Irish nationals comprised 11.6% of the whole country’s population in April 2016.

Just over half of all non-Irish nationals in County Kilkenny were either Polish (2,310) or UK (2,128) nationals. Lithuanian, Romanian and Latvian nationals completed the top five non-Irish nationalities, and together accounted for 13.4% of all non-Irish nationals resident in the county.

Of the 82,346 people who moved to Ireland in the year prior to Census 2016, some 1,035 were living in County Kilkenny. This was an increase of 323 (45.4%) on the year before the 2011 census. Of those 1,035 people, 61% were non-Irish nationals.

Census 2016 revealed that, in the whole country, 612,018 residents spoke a language other than Irish or English at home. That's an increase of 19.1% since 2011.

Today's report shows that, in April 2016, there were 535,475 non-Irish nationals living in Ireland - a 1.6% decrease on the 2011 figure of 544,357. The numbers of people holding dual citizenship (Irish-other country) increased by 87.4% to 104,784 persons.

“This report gives a detailed insight into the many different nationalities living in Ireland, including their age profile, marital status, the languages they speak, and their educational and employment status," said Deirdre Cullen, Senior Statistician.

"Non-Irish nationals and those with dual nationality are now well established in Irish society and communities throughout the country, and this report provides a wealth of information on their social and economic circumstances in April 2016."