Dirty nappies and a dozen bags of rubbish dumped on Kilkenny City site

Hebron Road again left in a mess

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews




Bags of refuse and general rubbish litter the site at the Hebron Road last week

This is the state that a patch of land on the Hebron Road has been left in by people who feel it is acceptable to leave their waste and full bags of rubbish there for someone else to clean up.

The area is just off the Hebron Road junction, a patch of private land between the road and the Aldi carpark site. These pictures, taken last week, show it was left littered with waste including drink cans, discarded plastic, and dirty nappies.

A number of caravans moved onto the vacant site in late October. The Kilkenny People enquired whether they had permission to be there, and on November 3, Kilkenny County Council confirmed that the caravans were gone.

Separately, anti-social behaviour has become such a problem in the area that local councillor Andrew McGuinness says he's received a substantial number of complaints relating to vandalism and illegal dumping at nearby St Kieran’s Cemetery.

Following a Notice of Motion from the Fianna Fail councillor, CCTV cameras have been put in place at the cemetery to catch offenders.