Far more women than men in Kilkenny have third-level degree, new Census data shows

Kilkenny is behind the rest of country and Leinster for education

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews




FILE PHOTO: More than 31% of females in Kilkenny (9,899) had a third-level degree compared to 6,656 men (21.5%)

Far more women in Kilkenny have a third-level degree than their male counterparts, new data from Census 2016 has revealed.

The data, published today by the Central Statistics Office, shows that Kilkenny is still falling behind Leinster and the State as a whole. A smaller percentage of people here have degrees or qualifications compared to the rest of the State, and people in Kilkenny generally leave education earlier.

Of people in the county aged 15 and over in April 2016, 39.7% had a third-level qualification, compared to 44.2% in Leinster, and 42% for the State.

The data highlights a gender disparity in third-level degrees nationally and provincially, but one that is more pronounced in Kilkenny. Females here accounted for almost 60% of those with a third-level degree.

While 31.2% of females in Kilkenny (9,899) had a third-level degree, just 6,656 men (21.5%) had the same. Both have increased since 2011, when 7,995 females had a third-level degree, and 5,320 males had degrees.

In Kilkenny, where there are few third-level options and no regional university, people are also shown to finish their education younger than elsewhere. Among those aged 15 and over and who had completed their education, the average age of completion was 19.6 years - compared to 19.9 years at national level, and 20.1 for Leinster.

In Kilkenny, 8,125 people (13%) indicated that they had completed their education at primary level/had no formal education, while 11,206 (17.9%) did so at lower secondary level and 18,415 at upper secondary level.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today published the penultimate Census 2016 report, Profile 10 - Education, Skills and the Irish Language.