2017 Review - August: WT Cosgrave gets elected (again) and Kilkenny Arts Festival is a big hit

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews




August 2017: Caelan Bambrick (3) and Pixie Gladney (7) during the Army Open Day PICTURE: PAT MOORE

August: Over 400 people turned out for an open day at the James Stephens Military Barracks this month, where the equipment and weaponry of the 3rd Infantry Battalion was on full display.

Anne Bradley’s horse Pedro was the Kilkenny finalist in the Nose of Tralee.

The Butler Society celebrated its Golden Jubilee in style with the annual event which sees Butlers from around the world return to their ancestral home.

An incident of fly-tipping in Freshford saw dirty nappies and boxes of rubbish drumped in the river at Brewery Weir.

Our front page story on our August 11 edition revealed that the 17 parking fines were issued each day in Kilkenny in 2016.

Around 50 people attended a meeting in the Chapter Room at St Mary’s Cathedral to discuss tackling recent incidences of animal cruelty in Kilkenny.

A colour party from the James Stephens Barracks accompanied by a marching band helped escort ‘WT Cosgrave’, ‘Constance Markiewicz’ and ‘Jack Magennis’ through the streets of Kilkenny for a re-enactment of the 1917 By-election.

The fantastic Kilkenny Arts Festival returned this month as always, with huge crowds flocking to the city for another outstanding programme. The Alternative Kilkenny Arts was also a big hit.

The Newpark Close Family Resource Centre — the county’s first community preschool service — celebrated 40 years in existence.

Over 1,000 local students received their Leaving Cert results this month also.