46 patients on trolleys and wards at St Luke's Hospital, Kilkenny today

INMO figures show slight reduction in Trolleywatch numbers

Sam Matthews


Sam Matthews



Trolley crisis

St Luke's Hospital has the second-highest number of patients on trolleys and wards today according to the INMO

Overcrowding remains high at St Luke's General Hospital today, where 46 patients wait on trolleys and wards, according to daily figures from the INMO.

That number is down from 54 patients yesterday, and 57 on Tuesday. The Kilkenny hospital is  now the second-most overcrowded in the country according to these figures.

A statement on Tuesday from the Ireland East Hospital Group said that the hospital has been very busy with emergency presentations and admissions following the Christmas period and over the New Year’s weekend.

"Patients are presenting with a variety of complex needs, however, there is a steady increase in patients presenting with flu symptoms and respiratory type conditions across all age groups," said the statement.

"There is also an increase in the number of frail patients attending with chronic diseases. Management and staff at the hospital are working closely with our community partners to support patients who have completed the acute phase of their treatment to prioritise their discharge to a more appropriate setting, e.g. either home or an alternative care setting."

Management has asked that where possible patients with flu-like illness / cold symptoms visit their GP / CareDoc or pharmacist in the first instance.