EXCLUSIVE - Kilkenny fish kill confirmed

Trout poisoned in river

Sean Keane


Sean Keane



Fish kill in Kilkenny river

One of the fish killed on the Blackstick River, a tributary of the Kings River outside Kilkenny city, near Danesfort

Inland Fisheries Ireland has confirmed that a fish kill has occurred on the Blackstick River, a tributary of the Kings River outside of Kilkreny city, near Danesfort. Kilkenny County Council were alerted to the fish kill by local people and notified Inland Fisheries Ireland who attended the scene.  

Approximately 18 trout were killed in the incident. The source is still unknown at this time and an investigation is underway by Inland Fisheries Ireland.

The discovery was made on Monday around lunchtime by local residents. The contamination happened downstream from Danesfort. "A substantial number of fish, trout in particular, were wiped out for approximately 1 kilometre downstream," a local person said.

Inland Fisheries Ireland advises that fish may be in a stressed position due to elevated water temperatures.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is inviting the public to help protect and conserve the fisheries resource by reporting incidents of illegal fishing, water pollution and invasive species to its confidential hotline number telephone1890 34 74 24 or 1890 FISH 24.