Call for gates to stop horses and sulkies causing trouble at river

Permanent gates look to be on the cards for one of Kilkenny City’s most popular river amenities, to prevent trouble being caused by horses and horse-drawn vehicles.

At Monday’s meeting for the Kilkenny Electoral Area, Cllr John Coonan (FF) asked that the county council erect permanent barriers at the entrance to the River Nore Linear Park from Riverside Drive to the Sycamores.

Cllr Coonan is concerned over anti-social behaviour in the area at times. People with horses and sulkies are using

the river and the riverbank in a manner that is inconveniencing or distressing other members of the public.

There have been repeated incidents of vandalism of lifebuoys or the theft of lifebuoy ropes. There have also been incidents in which others using the amenity and even lifeguards have been hassled and intimidated.

Cllr Coonan says that the proposed barriers could improve the situation, and will still maintain access for pedestrians, cyclists and those with mobility difficulties.