Ban on visitors at Waterford Regional Hospital

A FULL visitors ban is in place at Waterford Regional Hospital from 5.30pm today (Thursday).

A FULL visitors ban is in place at Waterford Regional Hospital from 5.30pm today (Thursday).

In the interests of patient care and as a precaution, a full ban on visiting is in place at Waterford Regional Hospital from 5.30pm in a bid to curb suspected cases of the Norovirus (vomiting bug).

Visiting to all wards at Waterford Regional Hospital is prohibited apart from: exceptional circumstances, which includes critical care patients; maternity/gynae visiting is restricted to partners/designated person only; parents/guardians will only be permitted to childrens ward and strictly no children allowed to visit the hospital.

Waterford Regional Hospital regrets this inconvenience but it is necessary at this time to prevent the spread of these illnesses to both patients and staff. Where appropriate, mobile phone contact between families should be considered as an alternative to visiting.

Cancer Services, Emergency Services and Outpatient Services will continue as normal. The situation is being kept under daily review. Patients coming to Outpatient Services (Clinics) are requested to bring their appointment letter with them.

The hospital is also asking the public that only genuine emergencies should present at the Emergency Department (ED) in Waterford Regional Hospital and where possible that people should consult their GP or Caredoc service before coming to the Emergency Department.

Ms. Patricia Sullivan, General Manager, Waterford Regional Hospital is asking the general public for their co-operation with the visiting restrictions and reiterated how important it is for patients that these infection control measures are respected: “The vomiting bug is currently in the community and people may unknowingly bring the bug into the hospital when visiting sick relatives or friends. I would appeal to the public to co-operate with the restrictions currently in place and advise anyone who have been affected by vomiting and/or diarrhoea, or anyone who has had contact with persons with these symptoms, not to visit hospital until they have been symptom free for 72 hours. Patient care is our priority and we would urge the public to help hospital staff keep the virus at bay as it can further debilitate those who are already sick in hospital.”