New layout for Loughboy centre

A NEW entrance to the Loughboy Shopping Centre is being created as part of upgrade works to the Bohernatounish Road in Kilkenny, writes Tess Felder.

The changes include the closure of the existing entrance into the shopping centre, the addition of a mini-roundabout to service the shopping centre, the creation of a new separate entrance to St Fiachre’s Church, the realignment of footpaths and cycle tracks on both sides of the road, new traffic flows within the car park and new landscaping.

The measures are now proceeding to the detailed design stage after having been approved at the monthly meeting of Kilkenny County Council.

The works themselves are then due to be carried out during 2013, with funding coming from the council’s existing development levies.

It is hoped that the new layout will prevent drivers from parking in the cycle lanes instead of using the car park, and that the roundabout will help to slow down traffic passing through the area.

When the works are completed, the council is planning to carry out a speed survey on the Bohernatounish Road to determine whether further traffic-management measures are needed. The pedestrian crossing lights are also due to be reviewed.