Residents’ anger over condition of lands along Circular Road

A number of people living near Kilkenny’s Circular Road have contacted the Kilkenny People in recent weeks to express concern about the condition of the land in the area, and the welfare of animals kept there.

They say the land is used as a wasteland for people who do not clean up after themselves or their horses. Plastic bags, rubbish, and animal faeces have turned the area into an eyesore, and worse. One lady who lives nearby said that the smell at times is unbearable.

The Circular Road extends from the Callan Road/College

Road as far as Kilcreene. It’s part of an area that the recent Tidy Towns adjudication report criticised for “undeveloped land with broken walls, ill-cambered roads, abandoned petrol pumps, meadows sustaining more thistle than grass and a general sense off neglect”.

As well as an at times uncomfortable living situation, other locals have expressed concern for the horses themselves. Much of the land there offers little in the way of shelter or grazing, and winter is on the way.