Mary Cody asked people who would they like to meet under the mistletoe this Christmas

Karen Malone, Castlewarren

Karen Malone, Castlewarren

“I would like to meet the singer Eminem. I have been listening to him for years and I think that he is a very important musician. I also think that he is very easy on the eye!”

Maria Phelan, Fatima Place

“I would like to meet a member of Westlife. To be honest I wouldn’t mind which one. I think that they are all gorgeous.”

Patrick Connors, Carlow

“I would like to see my wife Kathleen under the mistletoe. We have been married for five months and so far it has been great.”

Rachel Kealy, Stoneyford

“I would like to meet Michael Buble. I think that he is amazing and he is a very handsome man. I love listening to his music, especially to his Christmas CD.”

Bill Healey, Kilkenny

“Miss Piggy from The Muppets will do. I have fancied her since I was a child. That would make my Christmas come true.”

Kathleen Connors, New Ross

“I would like to meet my husband Patrick because I love him to bits.”