New Traffic Flow Arrangements at St Luke’s General Hospital Carlow-Kilkenny.

Gillian Mooney


Gillian Mooney


A new traffic flow system has been introduced at St Luke’s General Hospital Carlow-Kilkenny.

Patients and visitors to the hospital are advised that all traffic, with the exception of emergencies, must use Entrance 1 (located opposite the main car park) and follow the one-way system. The original hospital entrance (known as Entrance 3) is now Exit Only. Additional signs have been erected to assist with these new arrangements.


The new arrangements have been introduced to make it easier and safer for patients and visitors to access the new hospital entrance, which is opposite the main car park. Parking for people with disabilities is available either in front of the new hospital entrance, or within the car park. Drivers can also drive in by the new entrance and drop off patients/visitors and then proceed to the car park, should they so wish. Taxi drivers are also asked to use this entrance when bringing people to the hospital.


The entrance to the new Emergency Department, which opened in May 2016, is also signposted. The entrance is for use by the public for emergencies only, along with ambulance vehicles. The main hospital entrance closes at 9 pm each night and anyone wishing to access the hospital after this time should do so through the Emergency Department entrance.


“We are asking members of the public for co-operation with the introduction of this new traffic system,” said Anne Slattery, General Manager, St Luke’s. “Since the new hospital building opened last year, the orientation of the hospital has changed. The hospital entrance is now closer to the car park than before. The one-way and entrance/exit system has been implemented to reduce congestion and make it safer for everyone on the hospital campus. I wish to thank everyone for their patience and support.