Gardaí issue advice to bikers getting their motorbikes out of garages and sheds for summer

Kilkenny People Reporter


Kilkenny People Reporter


Gardaí issue advice to Kildare bikers getting their motorbikes out of sheds for summer


Gardaí have issued advice to motorcyclists taking their bikes out of the garage for the summer months.

On this month’s Crimecall programme on RTE Garda Adrian Corcoran was in studio to discuss motorcycle safety.

He offered the following advice to motorcyclists in relation to returning to the roads for the summer months ahead: 

  • Getting the bike road-ready after having been parked up for months.
  • Doing necessary checks (chain, oil, brakes, lights) which may require the expertise of a mechanic.
  • Helmet safety standards (what ‘mark of approval’ to look for when buying a good quality helmet).
  • Get yourself ‘road-ready’ when returning to biking. It is important to ease yourself back in gently.Protective gear such as long sleeves and proper footwear which motorcyclists need to wear at all times. 

Gardaí said that while statistically the danger times are at weekends and Sunday, motorcyclists should exercise caution and slow down at all times.

Meanwhile, research published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) reveals that the presence of alcohol is still a major factor in fatalities on Irish roads.

The Road Deaths and Alcohol 2013-20171 report focuses on road user fatalities who had a positive toxicology for alcohol at the time of the collision.

The research reveals that, of the 600 road user fatalities with a toxicology result available, 219 or 36.5% had a positive toxicology for alcohol.

Of the 219 road user fatalities with a positive toxicology for alcohol, 135 or 62% were drivers/motorcycle drivers.