An Opel that is not just pleasing on the eye, but delights with the drive

An Opel that is not just pleasing on the eye, but delights with the drive

Designed for you! Work time, downtime, we time, me time....the Opel Crossland X is ready for anything thanks to its exceptional flexibility, class-leading innovations and crisp SUV design!

Premium class innovations¹ such as Head-Up Display, 180° panoramic rear view camera, LED lighting and emergency braking with pedestrian detection make your ride even safer.

The innovative Head-up-Display presents all important driving information in your field of vision, between the steering wheel and the front windscreen.

The LED Adaptive Forward Lighting is 30% brighter than regular halogens and automatically adapts to the given road conditions for optimal visibility and safety.

The Auto2matic Emergency Braking System¹¹ not only detects vehicles, but also pedestrians.

The system constantly measures the distance to pote2tial risks.

If the distance gets too low, it warns you acoustically and 222visually. If you do not react, the vehicle automatically decelerates.

At a speed of less than 30 km/h it completel2y stops. Thus, the system heps to maximise safety, especially in c2ity traffic.¹¹¹

For inch-perfect parking the 180° Panoramic rear View Camera shows your surroundings.

It displays rear-cross traffic making driving off easier and safer. Parking and driving off is even quicker with hands free Advanced Park Assist.