Manning's conviction

Manning's conviction

Every conviction must carry a sentence so young men do not learn immunity and don’t have time to accumulate ninety convictions, according to independent candidate in Carlow-Kilkenny, Paddy Manning from Johnswell.

“Electronic tagging turns a criminal’s home into a cheap prison, monitors for drug and alcohol use, providing an alternative to costly prison places,” he claimed.

Electronic tagging is punishes criminals, not taxpayers,” the former Fine Gael activist said.

As a Christian I believe in mercy, I’ve pleaded for mercy in court for young men who attacked me at random one night but it is merciless to victims and ordinary decent people to allow criminals the free run they now have.

It is also merciless, stupid and dangerous to teach young men that they are above the law and that crime is a useful life choice. Unfortunately too many politicians are very careless about mercy,” he said.