Creating a healthy workplace environment

Creating a healthy workplace environment

Eminent psychologist and psychotherapist Fergus Heffernan gave a talk at the Pembroke Hotel last week as part of Kilkenny International Mental Health Week.

The event, which was sponsored by Boland and Company Solicitors was a success with attendees full of praise for Dr Heffernan for sharing his thoughts and ideas.

Chair of Lifeline, a Kilkenny-based suicide preventation group said that 'Kilkenny is well ahead of the game when it comes to proactive thinking'.

Dr Heffernan, who spoke for over an hour said that the 'greatest privilege is watching the human spirit work'.

He told those present that at the moment there is 'a third World War - a self-raging war against ourselves'. He went on to speak about how in Ireland there is often a victim mentality whereby people are 'looking for someone to come and save us' adding that there are 'inadequacy and lack of trust' are also prevalent in the Irish psyche.

The Kilkenny man went on to speak about the repression that exists in families and stressed the importance of relationships.

“We need to learn to depend and trust ourselves. In Ireland we need to learn honesty. The healing is in telling our story,” he said adding that the 'basic desire of the human heart is to be understood.

The power of listening and the importance of having compassion and empathy are all important components when it comes to creating healthy environments where wellness can thrive.