Rionore – an exquisite online jewellery collection inspired by Kilkenny's river of gold  

Delicate crafted pieces of jewellery at affordable prices

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


Rionore – an exquisite online jewellery collection inspired by Kilkenny's river of gold  

Style Icon Lorraine Keane with Anna Dunka at the Rionore Jewellery stand for Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel's wedding extravaganza.

Rionore Jewellery is tightly knit with Kilkenny's strong tradition as one of the best places for jewellery in Ireland.


The collection even takes its name from the River Nore, with a play on words also meaning River of Gold.

Rionore designed its first pieces of finely crafted jewellery over fifty years ago. The story began with a desire to create unique, quality jewellery, and so every piece was individually designed and crafted by hand in Ireland. The dream was to share  this jewellery and the happiness it brings with the rest of the world.

Today, Rionore are in the third generation and are proud of their 'old school values' of quality design and craftwork, and happy that they  are fulfilling our original goal of sharing the joy of Rionore creations with you.

Comfort, elegance and beauty are all important in shaping the  jewellery designs. When sitting down with pencil and sketch book, inspired to create new jewellery pieces, the designer thinks about the confidence the jewellery will give when worn, and how it will look when worn, and how it will make someone feel when they wear it. These sentiments influence our designs, which are abstract so that everyone can interpret them differently. They are crafted to feel comfortable to wear, the proportions are purposefully balanced, and the weights carefully calculated to feel good with your body.

The designs are simple yet exquisite and  prices start from €50.

The current collection is available online at