Kilkenny People of the Year - Dominic Hayes

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Shauna Mc Hugh


Shauna Mc Hugh


Chief Superintendent Dominic Hayes has changed the face of policing since he took up his post in Kilkenny in 2015.
His affable and approachable manner and determination to have gardaí back on the beat and attached to every village and town has had a hugely positive impact with crime levels plummeting and public confidence rising.

Dominic Hayes is also responsible for introducing Operation Storm -  a high profile garda operation which has a number of different pillars including community engagement and crime prevention. The programme, which was devised in Kilkenny and rolled out nationally in 2015, also targets the disruption of criminal activity.

He is also passionate about interacting with the people he serves and ensuring that everyone  feels safe and secure. He is responsible for introducing text alert mapping which illustrates all the local text alert groups that exist in our city and county. 
The text alert mapping has been highly effective and there are now 31 text alert groups across the county which are invaluable in increasing public awareness around crime prevention.

Chief Super Hayes  has also been instrumental in setting up a local policing partnership in Castlecomer in North Kilkenny and set up a victim engagement office at Kilkenny Garda Station. “I am honoured to be nominated and I accept it on behalf of my colleagues,” he said.