Kilkenny County Council’s ‘one stop shop’ for grant information - new booklet

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Kilkenny County Council grant booklet

Kilkenny County Council's grants booklet is a 'one stop shop'

The second edition of Kilkenny County Council’s comprehensive Grants Booklet is now available.

The useful booklet summaries the key elements of Kilkenny County Council and other National Community Grants available to community groups.

As part of Kilkenny County Council’s strategy to improve the communication of information on grants available from the various departments they have developed a ‘one stop shop of grants’ with this booklet.

It informs community groups of funding streams available to carry out and complete various types of community activities and projects in their neighbourhoods.

Grants are available to community groups and individuals in Kilkenny for activities relating to heritage, housing, environment, culture arts and community related activities. There is also a small business and vacant premises incentive scheme, graveyard grants and festival grants.

You can view the booklet on the Kilkenny County Council website