Ran off and didn't pay taxi fare - Kilkenny Court hears

Kilkenny People reporter


Kilkenny People reporter



Kilkenny Courthouse

Kilkenny Courthouse

Fleeing a taxi without paying a €33 fare after visiting an off licence has resulted in a Kilkenny woman appearing in court.
AnnMarie McDonagh, 78 St Kieran’s Crescent, Hebron Road, pleaded guilty to the non payment of a fare on a public service vehicle which occurred on April 10, 2018.

Gardaí spoke to a taxi driver who told them he was dispatched to a Kilkenny address to pick up a lady who asked to be dropped at an off licence. A second lady also travelled with her. The first lady, Ms McDonagh, went into the off licence and the second lady stayed in the taxi. Ms McDonagh then requested the taxi return the ladies to the original address.

When the taxi driver asked for payment the ladies tried to get out of the taxi. There were child locks on the door and they couldn’t get out. One of the ladies rang a man who appeared at the taxi and let them out. The fare was not paid.
AnnMarie McDonagh was identified from CCTV from the off licence. Gardaí went to her address and she admitted it. She did not identify the other people.

Solicitor Chris Hogan said that when his client got the taxi with an older lady they had agreed that Ms McDonagh would pay for the alcohol and the other lady would pay for the taxi. She had no money left.

Mr Hogan said his client is 29 and the mother of three children. She had brought money to court to compensate the taxi driver, he said.

Judge John Cheatle said he wanted to hear a victim personal statement from the taxi driver before he imposed sentence. The case was adjourned to allow this.