Hurling team of the eighties - have your say!

Brian Keyes


Brian Keyes

Hurling team of the eighties - have your say!

Frank Cummins, centre, midfielder for Kilkenny over three decades

And now it’s the turn of the players from the Eighties.
The final selection, chosen from those who made the team for each decade, will be guests of honour at the GAA Race Day in Gowran Park. If your final selection matches the overall team, you can join them there.
Send your entries to Team of the Eighties, C/O Kilkenny People, 34 High Street Kilkenny or Kilkenny GAA, Nowlan Park, Kilkenny or you can vote online at, which will feature all the statistics you will need to help make your decision thanks to Tommy Maher, and old film footage of the games these players starred in.

Click on the links below to vote in each position


Right Corner Back

Full Back

Left Corner Back

Right half back

Centre back - Ger Henderson automatic selection

Left half back

Midfielder Number eight

Midfield Number nine

Right Half Forward

Centre Forward

Left Half Forward

Right Corner Forward

Full Forward

Left Corner Forward