Cooperation between Gardaí and Kilkenny County Council to combat Linear Park anti-social behaviour

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney



Cooperation between Kilkenny County Council and the local Gardaí is proving successful to combat anti-social behaviour in the Linear Park.

Members of Kilkenny City Municipal District heard council officials and gardaí met and walked through the park to discuss their cooperative efforts, recently.

Area Engineer Ian Gardner, reporting back to councillors, said gardaí are very aware of incidents of anti-social behaviour in Linear Park and they do carry out regular patrols of the area, including by plain clothes officers.

They have been “largely successful” keeping horses out of the park.
Gardaí pointed out to the council officials an area of overgrowth along the river that can encourage anti-social behaviour and Mr Gardner said they will look at cutting that back.

Regular footfall is good for the park, the meeting was told, and the council will look at pedestrian access to the park from the Abbey Quarter to encourage this.

Parking on Riverside Drive is an issue because of the popularity of the park, the meeting heard, and local residents have asked the council look at providing parking in the Greens Bridge area as well for visitors.