Issue of access path from Callan's Motte Field onto Flaggy Lane ‘will not be revisited’

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


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Dave Byrne, Cóilín Ó' Drisceoill and Dan Lenehan during the Motte Field path construction in Callan. PICTURE: HARRY REID

The issue of an access footpath from the new walking path in Callan’s Motte Field to the nearby Flaggy Lane will not be revisited.

At the recent meeting of Callan Thomastown municipal district councillors the matter was raised. Cllr Joe Lyons said he had had requests for a path from the field out on to Flaggy Lane.

However, Area Engineer Declan Murphy said a path had been in the original plans but had been taken out following the objections of local residents.

To put in a path from the Motte Field out on to Flaggy Lane now would mean going back to the planning process, he said.

Director of Services, Mary Mulholland echoed this, saying she would be slow to revisit the issue as there had been objections previously. As well as this there is a gradient issue on that land meaning constructing a path there would be a high cost project.
Cllr Matt Doran welcomed the responses from Mr Murphy and Ms Mulholland.