South East Greenway: Access routes from South Kilkenny villages prioritised

Christopher Dunne


Christopher Dunne


South East Greenway:  Direct link to Slieverue and Glenmore prioritised

South East Greenway

Tender recommendations have been made to identify optimal access routes from the South East Greenway (currently under construction) to the villages of Glenmore and Slieverue.

The identification of these routes, which will be conducted by consultancy services, follow calls made by Piltown Municipal District Councillors to ensure that direct links are made between nearby villages and the Greenway to make the most of the project.

“Look at Kilmacthomas for example and how it’s thriving being a central part of the Waterford Greenway,” said Cllr Ger Frisby.

“I know the South East Greenway won’t run directly through Glenmore and Slieverue in the same way the Waterford Greenway runs through Kilmacthomas, but the villages are so close that it would be an awful shame if they could not be directly linked.

“In the long run linking local villages to the project can only serve to benefit everyone involved.”

The main construction of the 24km Greenway will be awarded in a number of lots.

The first lots, namely for the construction of 5m wide tarmacadam surfaces through the urban sections of New Ross (c 2.5km) and Ferrybank (c1.5 km) have been tendered and it is hoped these contracts will be awarded in February.

Car Park:

The public engagement process for the selection of a suitable site for the proposed Ferrybank Car Park is steadily progressing.
An information leaflet with a survey was distributed to over 1,600 households in the Ferrybank area, encouraging householders to participate.

Over 140 online responses were received.