Autumn quiz

Total possible score: 60, score to beat: 53)

Total possible score: 60, score to beat: 53)

Round 1

1. What is the capital of Syria?

2. What people wrote in hieroglyphics?

3. Which member of Boyzone played Ciarán McCarthy in Coronation St.?

4. What famous couple married in Luttrellstown Castle in July 1999?

5. Who was the only US President to have been divorced?

6. How many children has Queen Elizabeth 11?

7. What is the name of Rubert Murdoch’s wife?

8. What church is also called the Church of the Latter Day Saints?

9. In sport who or what is ‘Mick the Miller’?

10. Who wrote Dracula?

Round 2

1. His real name is Harry Webb. Who is he better known as?

2. What Olympic event would you participate in if you did the ‘western roll’?

3. Who wrote Fifty Shades of Grey?

4. “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster/And treat those two imposters just the same”, this quotation from Rudyard Kipling is written over what famous sporting place?

5. Who was known as ‘the Grocer’s Daughter”?

6. When is Bastille Day celebrated?

7. What famous U.S. musician is a direct descendent of Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick?

8. Which is Europe’s highest capital city?

9. Do female rattlesnakes lay eggs or baby rattlers?

10. What singer had a hit with: “Oops I did it again”

Round 3

1. What country do you associate with sambuca?

2. What exactly is bisque?

3. What do the letters VSOP stand for on a bottle of brandy?

4. Tofu comes from what bean?

5. What drink did the monk Dom Perignon give us?

6. What is the main ingredient of black pudding?

7. What country do you associate with sake?

8. Which food shares its name with Latin American big band music?

9. Who is the Roman god of drink?

10. What country is the leading producer of rice – in Europe?

Round 4

1. In what country will you find Hammerfest?

2. What is the more common name for a polygraph?

3. Anzac troops come from which two countries?

4. Who played Mary in the film ‘There’s something about Mary’?

5. Who painted the famous painting ‘The Scream’?

6. Who had a hit with ‘Like A Prayer’?

7. Where will the 2016 Olympic Games be held?

8. What European country gave America the Statue of Liberty as a present?

9. Which film star gave her name to a lifejacket?

10. What part of the body is affected by conjunctivitis?

Round 5

1. Which movie starring Whoopi Goldberg is also the name of a Rolling Stones hit record?

2. Which of the 7 dwarves has the longest name?

3. What age is Nelson Mandela? .

4. What do the letters CNN, as in TV, stand for?

5. Tom Selleck, Elliot Gould & Sarah Ferguson have all appeared in which TV show?

6. “Have I got any role models? No, but I have loads of models”. What sportsman said that?

7. What artist painted Campbell soup tins?

8. What instrument did Stan Getz play?

9. What is the second book of the Bible?

10. If a man, an ostrich and a greyhound ran the 100 yards dash, who would win?

Round 6

1. Tipperary is surrounded by how many counties?

2. Who is the Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport?

3. Who wrote The Last Rose of Summer?

4. What do the letters D.A.R.T as in the train system, stand for?

5. What is the smallest county in Munster?

6. How many Irish writers have won the Nobel Prize for literature?

7. n what county will you find Ballinaboola?

8.‘ But in Kilkenny it is reported/On marble stone there, as black as ink’ Name the song.

9. What is the real name of U2’s ‘The Edge’?

10. In July 2002, how many All Ireland hurling titles had Kilkenny?

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