Kilkenny gardaí warn public following an increase in online fraud and scams

Mary Cody


Mary Cody


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Gardaí in Kilkenny are urging the public to take all the necessary steps to prevent themselves from online fraud following an increased in reported scams in recent weeks.

A garda spokesperson said that the public should be suspicious of text messages received out of the blue that claim to come from a reputable organisation, such as a bank or credit/debit card issuer.

"People should be cautious of text messages that prompt you to call a phone number or visit a website to resolve an issue or verify your details urgently. Do not respond to text messages that request personal information, such as your bank account details, without first independently verifying that they are from a genuine source," said the garda spokesperson who added that people should never reply to text messages that request your PIN, online banking password, or any other password.

Gardaí are also warning the public to be wary about calling any phone number, or clicking on any link, that is embedded within a text message. Examples of recent fraudulent messages that have been received are purporting to be from Revenue, Amazon, various couriers/delivery companies, financial institutions and offering information on Covid-19.
Gardaí are urging people to never click on unknown links or divulge personal information over the phone and to warn friends and family about these scams.
Anyone who has concerns relating to online scams and fraud should contact their local garda station.